Does Size Matter When it comes to ISO certification?

Most people have always considered ISO certification as something that only large companies do. Many small and medium sized companies shy away from the international standards, as they seem out of reach. However, is ISO certification really only for the large companies?



>Changing marketplace

The marketplace is changing due to increased competition and the changing needs and preferences of consumers. Even the public sector is changing. Recent changes in the prequalification and tendering process have seen government authorities require contractors to have ISO certification in order to pre-qualify for tenders.

Given that any one contract is bound to attract hundreds of interested suppliers, meeting the prequalification requirements has become all the more important. Factors such as ISO certification are now instrumental in separating the wheat from the chaff.

>Standing out from the crowd

Many companies interested in tenders from the public sector are able to meet the minimum requirements. However, many small companies find that they are not ISO certified and therefore lose out on great opportunities.

Does this mean that smaller companies should just call it quits? No. ISO certification is a great way for small business to show their level of compliance with regulatory and international requirements. It is a great way to show that your company conforms to the best practices in areas of the environment, quality and health and safety.

>One size fits all

It would do you good to mention the certification body. This will help to reduce the confusion of terms. It will also help your organization gain a greater level of credibility with your stakeholders. Mentioning the certification body shows that you underwent verification by a third party.

>What about the cost?

Many small businesses shy away from getting ISO certification because they feel that it is too costly. However, this is not always the case. Various accredited organizations offer certification services at an affordable fee. It just takes a little research to find the organization offering services within your budget.

Small businesses like large companies can benefit a great deal from the implementation of management systems. In fact, implementing these systems while the company is still small will mean that the company will already have established processes as it grows.

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