Why you need ISO Certification?

The ISO STANDARD gives out a certification that determines the products of the various companies that are being created day in and day out. It not just judges the final output of the product but is also responsible for looking at the processes In which the products are being created so that there is no flaw anywhere in the product. ISO certification helps in the process of grabbing greater hold over the market so that the company can compete globally with the other similar sort of companies. And when that happens, the company product is bound to improve.

Who can issue the ISO certificate?

The ISO certificates that are temporary and valid for a period of about three years are issued by an accredited certification body. Now after the valid period gets over, if you want to keep the certificate valid then all you have to do is to have a periodic audit performed in your company and it is done annually. If it is seen that the requisite standards are not maintained than the former ways, then the withdrawal action can be taken up and if it is discovered that the standards are satisfactorily maintained then the certification is rendered valid.

What is the actual meaning of accreditation or certification?

Accreditation can be defined as the approved statement of a certification body so that they can perform various certifications against different standards. Each and every country has its own regulated accreditation body and these bodies are responsible for issuing the accreditation to certification bodies like the ISO certification. Once any certification body like ISO has got the required accreditation, they can give valid certification to each and every body that they find absolutely certifiable. So it is very important for the certification bodies to be accredited in any manner.

Can my company switch between certification bodies?

If you feel that even after giving the fee that is required by the body, you are not getting a satisfactory accreditation then you definitely have the audacity to switch to another certifying body that will be of greater help to you. Remember before switching you always will have to give the valid reasons as to why you are thinking of switching. In some certifying bodies, there has been accusations of putting extra hidden costs along with the costs that are charged normally and thereby many people have switched to the other reliable bodies.

How do I obtain ISO certification?

It is very easy to obtain the ISO certification though it may seem a bit tough in the beginning with so many rules and regulations to abide by. The main motto of the ISO certification is to make the process as simple as possible so that you can quickly obtain the certification without any hassle at all. Firstly, the ISO will give you a series of recommendations and conditions that needs to be fulfilled at first as because these are mandatory by nature. When this is fulfilled you will be eligible to apply for the certification.

What is an audit?

An audit can be defined as the process by which a company shows the proofs that it had been working according to the required system and not otherwise. An experienced auditor will be given the responsibility to visit your company and see to it that you are abiding by all the rules and regulations that are required in order to get the certification. Then the audit report will be sent over to the ISO where it will be decided whether you are eligible to get hold over the certification or not.

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