Shout it From the Roof Tops – Publicize your ISO Certification

Obtaining ISO certification takes a lot of commitment. The implementation of your management system and maintaining compliance is not only beneficial to you but also to your stakeholders. It is therefore surprising that many organizations choose not to publicize their ISO certification.

Publicizing your certification is beneficial for you as a business. It lets the public and all your stakeholders know that you are committed to excellence. However, there are a few factors to note that will ensure that your promotion is effective.



>Make it clear

While many people have heard of ISO certification, they may not really understand what it means. It is therefore important to make it clear to them when you promote your certification. Ensure that you mention what standard you have certification for and what it means.

You do not have to mention the standard in full. You simply need to indicate its name and on what it represents e.g. ISO 9001 quality management systems. This keeps things simple and is a lot easier to explain to your audience.

>Certification or accreditation

Many organizations get these terms mixed up. Are you certified or accredited? These are two very different things. Becoming accredited is only possible for certification bodies. You should therefore not use the term accreditation but instead use the term certification.

>What about the certification body

It would do you good to mention the certification body. This will help to reduce the confusion of terms. It will also help your organization gain a greater level of credibility with your stakeholders. Mentioning the certification body shows that you underwent verification by a third party.

>Not a product endorsement

You should not take the promotion of your certification as a chance to endorse your products. The management systems simply indicate that you have applied processes that will help you meet specific requirements. They are not a test of quality of your products.

>Explain the benefits of your certification

Many benefits come with certification. It is important to make these clear to your stakeholders when publicizing your certification. You may want to mention specific benefits such as greater efficiency, improvements in customer services, improved employee motivation or an increased commitment to continuous improvement.

You have earned your ISO certification. Announcing it to your stakeholders ought to be a proud moment for both you and your employees. Be sure to do it right.

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